next move a meaning of the move
P-6f I think about standard closed Furibisha or other quiet games.
P-2f I select Ibisha .
R-6h I select open style Shiken Bisha .
G-7h I think about Ibisha .
S-4h I select Ibisha without pushing the 2nd file Pawn .
P-5f? I think about Nakabisha .
P-3f I think about Sode Bisha .
G4i-5h I select Ibisha and start making my Kakoi .
K-6h I also move up my King and start making my Kakoi .
B-7g I think about open style Mukai Bisha .
P-1e I advance the 1st file Pawn and think about open style Furibisha .
P-7e? I think about Haya ISHIDA .
P-8f? I select Kaku tou Fu tsuki .

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diagram 3-10 ---> 2...K-4b

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