next move a meaning of the move
P-8d I select Ibisha .
P-5d I also want to select Nakabisha . Let's play Ai Nakabisha .
S-6b I select Ibisha , but I will advance my camp without an early Rook Pawn push .
R-3b I select Sanken Bisha . Let's play Ai Furibisha .
S-4b I think about Furibisha . Do you like Ai Furibisha ?
P-3e I want to make ISHIDA ryu formation .
B-3c I think about Mukai Bisha .
K-4b My King escape from the battle field .

This diagram is from
diagram 2-16 ---> 2. R-5h
diagram 2-21 ---> 2. P-5f

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